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Remote Support

The remote support for NOVA digital controllers and self-powered subwoofers with DSP is free of charge, however, only possible by appointment.
The following peripherals required:

1.   A PC (computer) with Windows© operating system with at least 1 GB of RAM.
2.   A high-speed internet connection should be made to this PC (computer).
3.   The supported NOVA product (possibly including URC-2 converter) and complete wiring.
4.   The serial number of the NOVA product.

Send an email to with your proposal of appointment.
Upon receipt of your email, our support operator will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the dates with you.


No liability for any damage that may result from the service of remote support on a PC / computer, speaker system, digital controller and any connected equipment. The remote service is a free of charge. CRAAFT AUDIO GmbH is not forced to offer this service in general. The remote service is not part of any product, delivery or other services. The remote support is a voluntary service of CRAAFT AUDIO GmbH.