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ATLAS Series


arrow   AT 2
2-way hornloaded array
840W (RMS)
dual 10” transducers
110° x 10° (HxV)

The ATLAS series is a family of loudspeakers and subwoofers that combines all the advantages of a line array in one system for real-world applications in medium and large venues  indoors and outdoors. Based on traditional linear array principles, the ATLAS systems utilize advanced engineering to optimize line array performance for reliable coverage across the full frequency range. ATLAS loudspeaker systems are scalable to suit for any fixed installation or touring application, from stadiums, arenas, concert halls, churches to theatres. The line array modules combine high-level sonic impact and vocal intelligibility with the predictable coverage that only a grand line array can deliver. All line array modules are equipped with high-performance neodym-speakers and a fully integrated flying system. The EASE FOCUS© aiming software allows precise simulation of even very large scaled systems. ATLAS line array systems offer excellent dynamics, very high sound pressure and sound quality at highest resolution for an audience of up to 100.000 persons.


arrow   AT 1
3-way hornloaded array
2.040 W (RMS)
dual 12 + 10” transducers
90° x 8° (HxV)


arrow   AB 1 F
ground subwoofer
2.000 W (RMS)
dual 18” transducers


arrow   AB 1
ground subwoofer
2.000 W (RMS)
dual 18” N/D transducers

Line Array Types

Ground Subwoofers

Line Array Types



arrow   AB 2
parabolic ground subwoofer
2.000 W (RMS)
dual 18” N/D transducers


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